Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Im lucky that I'm in love with my best friend

Februrary issue for Teen Vogue

ACT workbook

Sucker Punch 

My Old layout for my blog and my iPad

Hello everyone! Today is a blog about my day. I woke up about 10am and read other blogs. One of my favorite blogs are red brick lipstick, Sofias journal, vivatramp, and Amanda. Their blogs are amazing, so you should go check them out. They are pretty awesome! I love teen vogue, but my mom doesn't let me buy magazines, so I read most of my magazines at my local library. But I somehow ordered teen vogue for a year, so I freaked out that I canceled. They were so nice that they just gave me the newest issue which was the februrary one. I read it again today, and ripped out some of my favorite pages.

I had to work on my ACT workbook, because I need to prepare for my test, and it helps me with grammer and my writting. I went to my local library and checked out Sucker Punch. I really wanted to watch this movie but never did. I am very excited to watch this movie. Also I took a picture of my ipad with my old layout for my blog. Which layout do you like better, this or now?
The title for my post is from one of my favorite tune, Lucky by Jason Mraz. :) I love him soo much:)

How has your day been?

Recent Purchase: TJMAXX

Hello! I recently went shopping again.. I spent about $100 which is a lot for me, but I like all my purchases.  So I went to TJMAXX which is my favorite store to shop my clothes.
oh and sorry about the lighting from these photos; I had to take it at night which can be little hard to take pics.


My purchases from TJMAXX


Denim shirt: 14.99
sport pants: black-7.99 blue-?? sorry lost my receipt
Sport bras: yellow- 16.99  navy-7.99
lace shirt:12.99
purple romper: 14.99

I wasn't planning on buying any tops at TJMAXX, but the denim top brought into my sight. I love denim shirts, and I like the light washed blue color. Also it doesn't have a button up in the top, so it can look little sexy. The sleeves are 3/4, so they also give a very effortless look. I needed some colorful sport bras, because the only color I have is white. I got the yellow and a navy blue color, which is perfect if you just want to wear a loose tank top on top of it. I also needed matching sport pants because obviously I only have one. Those two pants were the best out of the selection from the shop. I fell in love with the lace shirt. I don't have a single piece of lace in my wardrobe, so I really wanted one. The thing I like about this shirt is that it has a hot pink details around the neck area, and on the back it has a zipper that goes 1/5 of the shirt. I looked into the shirt and the shirt was looking at me saying we are destiny together. haha So I had to get one!! I got two bras, but I didn't wanted to show it on my blog because it was kinda weird to put a photo of my bra. But I put some footage on my first photo if you have noticed. The bras were 32 B, A and they were 7.99 and 9.99. The last thing I got is a purple romper, well actually my sister got it first, so I guess it's hers. I don't have a romper in my closet, so I decided to get one. My mom also liked it; I decided to wear a cardigan or a loose shirt on top of it, because it can look like I am wearing PJ. So that is it and I hope you enjoyed!

What did you buy recently?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The boy who lived, come to die.

Lately I have been just a little obsessed with Harry Potter DVD series. This week my family and I watched the whole series of Harry Potter. We borrowed all the DVD from our local library. I have been loving Emma Watson's look, especially from Goblet of Fire when Emma dresses up for the ball. After watching the movies, I decided to read the books. My sister actually read the books and loved it so much. Harry Potter is my absolute number 1 for movies!(also the HUnGeR GAMES)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wish List: Pink Sweatpants, leggings

Before Pink had a sale, I begged my mom to buy this sweat pants. I love sweat pants, especially for the fall; its very cozy, comfty, and laid back look. It was $44, and when it was on sale, it was $22. It's a pretty good deal.
Mom and I went to the store after a week of the sale and guess what?? It was all sold out; we even went online, and it was sold out. I was so depressed.... This sweat pants was perfect for me. So I hope they make this design again!! Please... I am waiting for this to come out again. This is one of my #1 wish list.



I also really want to have leggings. I think they are the must have clothing for girls, and sadly I dont have any. This cost $9.99, so it is pretty good deal. Thankfully this legging is not sold out, only the black one is which I wanted. But I liked the other two colors, so I am getting this leggings soon.

Desk Organization

okay. So my desk is not as pretty as others as you will see. I decided to organize my desk and be more neater.
By the way there will be books that are not english; it is korean. Just to let you guys know.

This is the before..


My CLEAN desk :)

Yup.. lots of improvement. I hope I can keep it like this. hahaha

Do you clean your desk often??

My Drawing: Tree with a sunset, Next to a Beach

I used to do get art lesson, because I love art soo much even though i need some improvements. I thought I will like to share it on my blog. So this is one of my drawing that I did recently. I will have more drawings soon.

I actually did this drawing from Just From Giggles; it is a tree with a sunset.
As you can see I have my sign in the middle. How stupid am I.. I have no idea why I put it there.

I did this drawing from my art class. My teacher helped me 10% and I did the 90%. I was really happy, when I finished this art because I just thought about the summer which I am really excited. This drawing was inspired by a drawing from the internet that I cant really remember.(sorry) Also I love the beach and the summer, so that got me to do this art work.

my drawing and my ipad. I love my ipad soo much.

So that was my drawings! I have bunch more so stay put for that. 

Do you like drawing????

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today is the Day

Today is the day! you know why?? today is the day my sister and I get to buy whatever we want before we move. If you already don't know, my family is moving to Korea. We went to target and bought some stuff of skincare products.

Few days ago...
I am very excited for this wallet that I got from TJMAXX. I GOT A BESTY JOHNSON WALLET!! I absolutely love Besty Johnson!! I love the front and back detailing, the color of this wallet, and the inside compartments. The down side of the wallet is that some of the studs on the front wallet is very spiky. So it could kinda hurt your hand, but not like it's gonna bleed. But the good thing is if someone is trying to kidnap you are whatever, you can hit them with these studs.?. Just a thought lol This wallet originally cost about $90-100, but I paid $38. It's definitely worth the prize.

 Now back to the target haul...

    EOS Lip Balm
   I wanted this bad boys really bad, and I am so happy that I got it. I use it like every 5 sec. haha It is very moisturizing, and the packaging is very cute, and adorable.

some of the products in the basket is not from Target, so I didn't include in the post.

    Eucerin Moisturizing Face Lotion
   I heard that this product is a really good moisturizer for oily skin, and sensitive skin which I have.

   St. Ives Green Tea Scrub
   I have the Apricot scrub, and it is pretty good, but it is really harsh on your skin. So I decided to try to product which has Green tea in it which has high antioxidant.

   Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash
   I had a 2 dollar off for any cetaphil product, so I decided to buy this foam wash. I do not recommend buying harsh product for your face. Foam Washes are excellant for your skin, it is gentle and good for your delicate skin. Also this product claims to control oil; I have excessively lots oil on my face, so I have high hopes for this product.

    Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser
 This is also a foaming cleanser, and it claims to prevent break outs which I have, so I have high hopes on this product as well. I heard really good reviews about this product. ^^

   Gillette Daisy Razor

This is kinda random, but we need some extras, so we got these.

This is the bag that actually my sister bought. I think its okay; I think they are other good hand bags out there. But she really likes it, so I said go for it. 

What are your favorite skincare products??

Friday Favorites

I got the friday favorites idea from Lauren Conrad's blog. So thank you Lauren and here it is!

Movie: Notebook

Trend: Pastel

Music: Both of Us- Taylor Swift, BOB

Food: Pasta

Cute Photos: Doggies running

100 things That makes me happy #3

31.watching makeup videos
32. Sleeping all day

33. making new friends

34. Dreaming a sweet dream

35. Free day

36. Finishing a book

37. Hanging out with friends

38. Curly hairs

39. Shopping online

40. Pay day