Thursday, August 3, 2017

Update ll 2017

Hi. This is Susan. It has been a loooooooong time. It has been four years since I came back. Back then I was a student and didn't have any spare time to keep up with my blog. So I had decided to stop working with my blog and concentrated into studying. I've made it to my dream uni and now I am currently a sophomore. I am currently majoring in sports science.
Since now I am an uni student, I have more time to work on my blog and explore more around the world. I have traveled few times, and I have also thought about my future and now I've decided what I wanted to work in. So I have been working hard to achieve my goals. These are few things I've loved to do currently.

1. Tennis- I was obsessed with tennis and played it almost every single day. I have won some trophy two times with doubles. Also made such good and tight friends from my school team. I am so excited that I have found my hobbies.

2. Traveling- I fell in love with traveling and realized why many people when traveling all the time. I have been to Japan two times and Jeju Island and California which I currently am. You get to feel and know the culture of each country. Also the foods are amazing and food is my life. I travel because I like to eat food from every country. (That's the reason I gained weight...)

3. Stand Up Paddle- I have recently joined a club for SUP which stands for stand up paddle. It is like surfing except you stand up on the board and use paddles to move. I am still not good at this and have found interest in it and I will continue to improve on it. 

4. In September, it will be my fourth semester and this time I will really work on getting those bad grades up. I will study harder than before and focus more on my classes than anything else. 

5. Part Time Job- I am currently in So Cal so I am on a break from work, but when I go back to Korea, I will get back to work. I teach students sport workouts for their entrance test to uni. They all want to major in sport science, kinesiology, sport management. Even though I get exhausted after work, I still get proud when my students follow what I say.

I will be back soon with other creative contents. Thank you for reading.