Saturday, May 18, 2013

April Favorites

Hello! It has been such a long time since I posted a post. I am so so sorry.. For the past few weeks it has been crazy. Hope you guys will understand me. Today I will like to do a favorite's post. I have some fun little knick knacks that I will like to introduce. We shall start!

It has been super duper hot here in Korea even though it is only May. I got this cute heart sunglasses for only $2 and I love it. It does it job to protect the UV rays from my eyes and the design is so cute. Oil paper is a must for me during the summer. My face gets insanely oily during the hot weather and my face doesn't want any shine through out the day. Vaseline has become one of my favorite lip balm of all. Vaseline gives my lip moisturized, hydrated, and glossy finish. Vaseline has my heart. This is also a lip balm from Laneige. If you guys don't know what Laneige is; it is a famous high end brand in Korea. I mostly use Vaseline, but I only use this when I am outside of my house. My Vaseline is too bulky and heavy to bring around, so I bring this lip balm instead of my love.. This water bottle(?) has been my life saver for this month and will be. This has a heat protecting system, so if I put cold iced water, it will maintain the coldness throughout the day. My last favorite is the Innisfree lip tint in Orange. I was not a fan of tints, but recently I bought one and I freaking love it. When I wake up my lip gets pale, so many people tell me if I am sick. I put this on my lips and if gives my face alive. if you know what I mean...
All right that's it for now and hope to see you guys on my next post!

xoxo Susan