Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hello everyone! Here is a quick updated information that I now have an account for blogloving, so it would be wonderful if you guys followed me. I will posting more so lets keep in touch.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skincare routine

Hello everyone, I am in love with my DSLR camera that I recently got.'s not really mine(its my sister's, but we share it). Anyway I went to church today and we had a graduation for the seniors who are off to college now. I was very touched of all the huggings and cryings. I imagined myself being like those people in two more years.

I wanted to share my skincare routine that I am currently using. I changed my routine like a month ago, and my skin got already better. My skin tone got better, my pimples on my forehead was minimized and more positive facts. I now have a little confident to go out with out no makeup.

   1. Toner: IOPE(Korean brand) Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

2. Emulsion: IOPE Trouble Clinic Control Emulsion

    3. Facial Cream: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

    4.(in the morning) Sunscreen/moisturizer: Eucerin Daily Protection

What is your skincare routine?
xo Susan

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 February

Hello peaches, it is already the second month of 2013. I realized that time passes like a wind. My school starts at March 4th, and until school starts, I have so many time to blog. Since I am now a Junior, it will be hard to blog everyday. I need to prepare for my exams, and for university. In Korea it is really tough to get into a famous university. The competition is like 55:1 and worse 150:1. I know, it's crazy. That is why many Asians are known to be smart and a nerd. Asians study their butt off, so they can go to a good college. I was off subject... I cannot wait for Valentine's day, even though I don't have a date(I'm single,,but ready to mingle!). I tend to have an imagination that I will get a date soon. But that is rare because I go to a girl's high school, and I barely even meet guys.
My goal for this month is...

1. Take more pictures
2. Blog everyday
3. Finish my work and then go to bed
4. Don't waste my time
5. Draw!
6. Exercise

What are your goals for this month?

Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY: Pok-a-dot Notebook/Diary

Hello lovelies, I was inspired by Elsie and Emma (A Beautiful Mess) to make this cute diary(you can also do it with a notebook). They have great useful diy's on their blog, so I think you should check their blog. Anyway these are the step to make it.

    This is all you need
    1. Any type of pattern, magazine...
    2. 1 glue (I used this glue because this one was the only one at my house)
    3. 1 Notebook or Diary
    4. 1 25cent
    5. 1 Scissors

                              1. Use the 25 cent coin and trace it one the magazine and cut it out.
                                2. Place it on your notebook/ diary
                               3. Glue it
                               So easy to make your diary for bubbly
                                This is the back of the diary

To do list for 2013

Hello everyone!! I apologize for not posting anything in January. Apparentely I have been really busy last month. Well today I will be talking about my resolutions for 2013. So here it goesss

1. Do well on my final terms this year
2. Finish all my work before I go to bed
3. Catch up with all the Pretty Little Liars series
4. Dress well
5. Try not overeat
6. Drink green tea at least once a day
7. Workout please! 
8. Read more often
9. Clean my room everyday
10. Take a professional picture of myself
11. Attend to a concert
12. Save money
13. Contact with my American friends