Thursday, November 29, 2012

End of November

Hello everyone. I am very excited that December is just around the corner. even though November is the birth month, December is the best month of the year. I can't wait for Christmas and 2013. Also at janurary im going skiing with just my friends for three days, which i cant waitt. But the thing is I have my final exam this moth, and the worse is that our school starts winter break December the 30thh. can't you believe it?? that is insane....also I don't have a boyfriend, so I will have to spend my Christmas with my family and friends.Time files so fast, I can't believe 2012 is almost over. I haven't done anything special..

I will try to blog but I have an exam coming this moth, so  it will be hard for me.....

hope we keep in touch Nd I'll see y'all later!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What susan bought: fashion lookbook

hello everyone. Recently I bought a fashion book called the street fashion. This book is full of street fashion outfits. These are some of my favorites.
Also it will be hard to blog often, because my exam is around the corner again. Please understand mee.
What is your favorite outfit?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

001 Hey lovelies! Today is a special day to me because it is my birthday. I am really happy this year cause I am turning 16. I can't believe I lived for 16years i mean that is some long years. lol I thought I will share some of my wishlist to you guys. As you guys know , I am writing my wishlist on my birthday, and that is because I rarely get my presents after my birthday... (thats how our family roles..)


002 I am now almost an adult..i think anyway.. I really want some makeup, so I picked some of my most wanted products. There are two Tony Moly products that I want. If you guys don't know what Tony Moly is, it is just a drugstore makeup store in South Korea. I heard the brand is popular throughout Asia. It is their backstage eye liner and luminous goddess aura BB cream. These two items are most purchased item in their store. I desperately need a lip balm that has color, and Revlon lip butters. I wanted this since it came out in the stores. But I rarely find stores that sells Revlon in Korea which is a big minus. Last product for my makeup session is the tea tree water spray from Lush. Lush is  find very easily in Korea but immensively expensive comparing to US.

003 The satchel bag up there is my number 1 most wanted item. The Cambridge Satchel company has impressed me for simple designs with lots of color ranges. The only down side for this bag is that it is quite expensive for me to spend. I am saving my money for this baby. I always wanted a DSLR camera  for me to take good quality outfit pictures or everything. I am currently using my digital camera which can't compare to the Nikon D5000.

 These are my birthday wishlist and I hope you enjoyed.

what is your birthday wishlist??
xo Susan

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Susan Did: October

on a hill

at the beach

went to the top of the mountain

making film of gangnam style parody

my elementary school

first day of school trip

001 I haven't been blogging for two months. I wanted to post more pictures of me with my friends, but I need to ask them, if I can post it on my blog. In October, I went to a place for a 3day trip with my friends. It was the best school trip I ever had. I slept at 5oclock each night. 

002 My outfit for my school trip was pretty simple and classic. I didn't want to wear something that will get attention. The first day, I wore a white T shirt and a Abercrombie plaid shirt. For my pants I wore a jeans shorts and sneakers. 

003 Second day of the trip, I wore a skin tone shirt with some holes on it, with a high waisted shorts. Third day, I wore a Raulph Lauren strip shirt with a Abercrombie jeans.  My make up was basic and simple. I wore my bb cream with some eye liner on my eyes.

004 I also had my midterm which the results were not so good. I decided to study more hard than this time. My final exam is about a month away, so I won't be able to post a lot during my exams. I hope you guys will understand me. 

What did you do during October?