Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

001 evening lovelies, tomorrow is yes.. halloween! Everyone loves halloween, but there are people who are still deciding what costume they should wear. I can't wear costumes tomorrow, but you can.

002 There are a lot of youtube videos for you guys to check out for last minute costumes. MichellePhan, Macbarbie07, Jessicaharlow, are one of my favorite people who made really creative costumes.

003 Also you can type in it on google, and there will be your answer in like a second.
I'm if this post didn't help; I am very busy today. ( right now it is 1am) I promise, I will make a better post next time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

End Of October

001 It is almost the end of October. Time flies like crazy... It seems like I have just came to Korea yesterday, but it has past 4 months. I have been crazy studying for my midterms that I slept for 4hours a day. Anyway since October is almost going to an end; I wanted to do a goal for November. Also November is my birthmonth..( I hope that's a word).

01. Prepare for my practice exam
02. Read more books (Novels, fashion magazines)
03. Blog almost everday! i wishhh!!
04. Buy more clothes that fits me and for the winter
05. Get a DSLR for my birthday
06. Take pictures everywhere I go
07. Have fun at school
08. Buy some fashion books that will help me in the future

002 October 31th is Halloween! Unfortunetely, in Korea there is no trick or treating which is very sad, since Korean children won't be enjoying the fun during Halloween. I will be posting a Halloween last minute costume idea, so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My future job+missed you

001 Hello everyone!! I am finally back to start blogging. I know... I have not written a single blog post for 3 months... Forgive me, I had a big fat midterm exam that I had to study, and I was just so busy for my school works. It is good to be back :)

002 Yesterday, I told my mom that I want to start thinking about my career for my future. I really didn't know what my career should be. My mom asked me what makes you happy?. So I thought blogging, looking celebrities' fashion for inspirations. So she said I should thinking about the fashion industry. I agreed to her; I felt like shopping, matching clothes made me happy in the past. Also my blog is more of a personal diary, but it also contains fashion thoughts. But i thought I don't want to be a fashion designer because I am not well skilled or good at making clothes and thinking creative ideas for clothing. So I searched the Internet related to the fashion industry and found wardrobe stylist, and fashion coordinator. I thought hmmm.. that sounds nice, and I researched and figured out that fashion coordinator is a coordinator who keeps up with the lastest trends and organize fashion shows, and shooting. Wardrobe stylists work for a specific events and helps style people for their event. I realize that I like styling my clothes. I am thinking about those two jobs to be my future jobs. I am very excited that I decided my dream and I will go for it and work hard.

003 I will blog as much as I can so keep in touch, and thank you for reading my blog post. I am very thankful that you are looking at my blog.