Monday, July 30, 2012

End of July

001 Hello everyone, it's been a long month. Now that I have moved to Korea; I haven't spent much time blogging this month. Since it is the end of the month, I wanted to do a goals for August.
  • Work hard for my grades ( I am going to high school this year)
  • Use my time wisely
  • Meet all my friends ( I havent met them in 3years)
  • Read Read Read
  • Try to blog more
  • Buy a satchel cross body bag
  • Watch many movies as I can
  • Make a time to rest more
  • Finish watching the Olympics
002 In Korea, it is so hot and humid that sometimes I refuse going out of my house. I am trying to buy some clothes that I can wear during the humid summer.

003 I am now going to high school, it's gonna be really hard and more challenging than middle school. I am currently studying for my next semester. I am very nervous going to school, because I moved to a new school and the school that I am attending is a real challenging school. I heard that after the first final exam, 30 students moved to another school. Wish me the best!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wishlist: Satchel Bag

001 I am currently looking for a satchel bag. I really want the Murberry Alexa bag, but that is about $1060 which is insane. I am trying to save my money on that item. I was browsing through the Urban Outfitter and found this cute satchel bag that I want. I love it so much, there is a hot pink one and a brown one. This bag is on sale for $36 ish. The stripes are long, and the bag goes down to my hips which is perfect.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts are one of my favorite clothing in my wardrobe. I am pretty much addicted to these shirts. I always go to stores and look around to see any collared shirts. I haven't found my favorite shirt, so I am hunting for my perfect one. I am constantly looking for any collared shirts. I especially love pastel color shirts. It gives a cute, light, bubbly to your outfit. I see lots of celebrities wearing collared shirts for a casual, or shopping days with their girlfriends. I saw lot of shirts from Forever 21, HM and lots of other stores.

Updated, 100 things #4

001 Hey everyone! As you can tell I havent posted anything on my blog for a week. That is because... I moved to Korea today! I was so busy the week I left that I didnt even have the time to turn on my computer. I promise that I will post many blog post as many as possible!

002 Since today's blog is short, I decided to post my 100 things that makes me happy!

41. moving to a new house
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42. going to your home town

43. treating my skin well
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44. snuggling in your bed the whole day being lazy
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45. drawing hearts
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46. thinking of my crush

47. eating fruits and vegetables
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48. watching the olympics
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49. thinking about my future
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50. opening presents
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here I am, Here I am

Hello everyone. I decided to do an outfit of the day post. I wore this outfit to church and got lots of compliments from friends. The top is from Forever 21 that I recently purchased. The shorts are from TJMAXX, and I got it during May. I forgot to take a picture of my shoe, but I wore the Tori Burch flip flops. I really love this outfit and how the top has a sailing boat pattern.

I hope you are having a great week! I am very pumped about this week because my dad is coming to US to meet us all the way from Korea. His flight came at 6 o clock in the morning, so I couldnt go to the airport to meet him. Because of jet leg, he is sleeping the whole time, and I need to spend some time together! I really missed him. 

Do you have any exciting events that is coming up this week?
xo Susan

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recent Purchase: Forever 21


Hello everyone! I went shopping and got two clothing from Forever 21. I had a $25 giftcard Forever 21 from my lovely friend and decided to spend the giftcard. I was looking through the shop and found this pretty mint color collar shirt. I jumped up and down saying I have to get this, but there was only L and M, and I wear Small. I was sooo frustrated and left it there with a sad face. My sister came to me with this collar shirt and I jumped too because I loved it. She also got the chocolate brown short pants. I decided to get this pants because it went well with the top and the materials was so thin, it was perfect for the summer. The purchase was total at 30 something that I had to pay more with cash, but I felt good about myself.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thor & Snow White and The Huntsman & The Amazing Spider Man

Hello ladies! This week has been the movie week for me. I watched 3 movies a week which is pretty crazy. I watched The Amazing Spider Man, the day is was released and it was amazing!! I love the new spider man, Andrew Garfield; he is my celebrity crush. The rate for this movie is 9.5/10.  Few days ago, I watched Thor with my family. I was pretty excited to watch Thor because Chris Hemsworth comes out of the movie, and Thor is one of the Avengers. I absolutely loved this movie; the rate of this movie is 9/10. Also the Snow White and The Huntsman was good and the rate is 8.5/10. I realized I watched two Chris Hemsworth movies.

The lovely bag

fluffy ball that I could put on my purse etc.

star hair band

two leads and a mechanical pencil

Meaningful letter I got 

Yesterday I had a hectic day. I was meeting one of my best friend and watch the Snow White movie which was good than I expected it to be. We met together 2 hours before the movie and went to this amazing pizza store. She gave me a present, and I felt really bad because I didn't give any present to her. We had a good 2 hours talking about stuff that happened to our life. We haven't met for 6months! It was time for the movies and had a good 2hours as well. The movie was ridiculously long, but it was worth it. After the movie, it was the time for a good bye.. for the day. After with my best friend, I had to attend to a swimming pool party at 5 which was pretty late, but the sun was still up trying to burn our delicate skin. I had  a good time at the party.

How was your day been?
xo Susan

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Dream House

Hello everyone!
I am only 16, but I always dreamed about my own dream house in London or in Paris. I love love London and Paris so much that I wanna have a dream job and house there. Here are some of my fave pics from Tumblr. I like houses that are simple, and cozy feeling.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth Of July

Independence day!! It is the day where we could dress up like the American Flag. I saw lots of people with the flag patterns on their shirt, pants, and shoes. It is awesome to show how patriotic you are!! The fireworks were beautiful! I didn't get to go somewhere like a park to look, but I could see and here it at the window!! Go America! 🇺🇸

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garage Sale

Hello my friends! Yesterday I had a garage sale at my house. I was soo excited to do a garage sale because I have never ever had a garage sale before. I was so excited to do a sale that when my friends came the day before, we decided to make advertisement papers and stick it on each of the house's mail box. Our garage sale opened(?) for 10am -2pm. Our family woke up at 9am and started to put up the items at the garage, then people started to come already. I was thinking we were gonna sell all our items. But then after 12pm, no one came, and I was told that  yesterday was the most hottest day since 1930!!!  It was a bad time to do a garage sale that day. We only earned 70 dollars which is pretty good for only 2hours. After the garage sale, we took our stuff back in which was a pain on a sunny sunny day. I was sweating; literally water dripping down my face. I had such a bad experience yesterday.. But oh well I had a chance to make a garage sale.