Thursday, August 3, 2017

Update ll 2017

Hi. This is Susan. It has been a loooooooong time. It has been four years since I came back. Back then I was a student and didn't have any spare time to keep up with my blog. So I had decided to stop working with my blog and concentrated into studying. I've made it to my dream uni and now I am currently a sophomore. I am currently majoring in sports science.
Since now I am an uni student, I have more time to work on my blog and explore more around the world. I have traveled few times, and I have also thought about my future and now I've decided what I wanted to work in. So I have been working hard to achieve my goals. These are few things I've loved to do currently.

1. Tennis- I was obsessed with tennis and played it almost every single day. I have won some trophy two times with doubles. Also made such good and tight friends from my school team. I am so excited that I have found my hobbies.

2. Traveling- I fell in love with traveling and realized why many people when traveling all the time. I have been to Japan two times and Jeju Island and California which I currently am. You get to feel and know the culture of each country. Also the foods are amazing and food is my life. I travel because I like to eat food from every country. (That's the reason I gained weight...)

3. Stand Up Paddle- I have recently joined a club for SUP which stands for stand up paddle. It is like surfing except you stand up on the board and use paddles to move. I am still not good at this and have found interest in it and I will continue to improve on it. 

4. In September, it will be my fourth semester and this time I will really work on getting those bad grades up. I will study harder than before and focus more on my classes than anything else. 

5. Part Time Job- I am currently in So Cal so I am on a break from work, but when I go back to Korea, I will get back to work. I teach students sport workouts for their entrance test to uni. They all want to major in sport science, kinesiology, sport management. Even though I get exhausted after work, I still get proud when my students follow what I say.

I will be back soon with other creative contents. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Updates. October 11th 2013

It has been such a long time since my last post. I apologize for not updating my blog and not consistent with it. As you guys all know, I am in junior in high school and this is the period where I need to concentrate on my studies. Right now my exams are almost over and I have a little time to post this.By the way I did really bad on my exams... Well the fact is that I haven't really studied my this exam which I am ashamed of. Next time I will study harder than this time.  So my point is that I won't be able to post blogs consistently. Once I get into uni, I will be consistent with my blog daily. Since May I have been just thinking about my future. I still don't know what to do when I grow older. When you become a teenager you become to think about all these kinda weird questions like who am i or what am i doing here. I am going to this phase right now and I cannot answer my questions well. That is why I really want to experience with new stuff and travel around the world. I think exploring and trying new ideas is a great idea to really find what you want to do...
I will be wrapping up right now and thanks for reading my thoughts! I will see you guys soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

April Favorites

Hello! It has been such a long time since I posted a post. I am so so sorry.. For the past few weeks it has been crazy. Hope you guys will understand me. Today I will like to do a favorite's post. I have some fun little knick knacks that I will like to introduce. We shall start!

It has been super duper hot here in Korea even though it is only May. I got this cute heart sunglasses for only $2 and I love it. It does it job to protect the UV rays from my eyes and the design is so cute. Oil paper is a must for me during the summer. My face gets insanely oily during the hot weather and my face doesn't want any shine through out the day. Vaseline has become one of my favorite lip balm of all. Vaseline gives my lip moisturized, hydrated, and glossy finish. Vaseline has my heart. This is also a lip balm from Laneige. If you guys don't know what Laneige is; it is a famous high end brand in Korea. I mostly use Vaseline, but I only use this when I am outside of my house. My Vaseline is too bulky and heavy to bring around, so I bring this lip balm instead of my love.. This water bottle(?) has been my life saver for this month and will be. This has a heat protecting system, so if I put cold iced water, it will maintain the coldness throughout the day. My last favorite is the Innisfree lip tint in Orange. I was not a fan of tints, but recently I bought one and I freaking love it. When I wake up my lip gets pale, so many people tell me if I am sick. I put this on my lips and if gives my face alive. if you know what I mean...
All right that's it for now and hope to see you guys on my next post!

xoxo Susan

Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Spring Fashion Trend

Hello I am back with a fashion trend post! I am suppose to study right now, but who cares you know.(wink).. When it comes to fashion trends, I always had loved the season spring. Fall is my favorite season, but for fashion trends it is definitely spring. All the pastels, florals, maxi dress..... some damn awesome stuffs.. Here are some fashion runway photos for the spring collection. Hope this helped you a thought about what to buy this season. See you soon!

            black and white

 statement glasses

 bold stripes

 short suits

sporty dresses

*pictures were from "marie claire"

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

Hello long time no see! Sorry for not posting a lots last month. I had to catch up with some work and get adjust to the school system. I decided to post my makeup bag. I don't usually put on makeup everyday. I do it like once a week, so I have a small amount of makeup. haha These are my essentials and hope you like it!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Outfit Of The Day | March 17th

Hello peaches! Im back!! as you can see... sorry I have been really busy from school works and other minor stuff. I was thinking maybe I should post what I wore on Sunday. In Korea it is pretty chilly in the morning and gets better in the afternoon. My outfit is pretty casual with a light washed denim shirt from TJ and a light chocolate brown colored pants from Jcrew. I totally forgot to take a pic for my shoes, but it is just  a navy blue converse shoes.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Etude House | Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

I have bought a make up product this week and I have a review for you guys. I don't wear make up a lot because I am still a high school student and in Korea we are not suppose to wear make up to school. Anyway you guys will be wondering what Etude House is by looking at the title. Etude House is a road shop in Korea. Many make up road shops are really famous and popular by young adults and teenagers, because they are cheap and high quality. Last month one of my favorite celebrity became a model for Etude House and was advertising this make up base. The theme of this collection is sweet recipe and it is based on foods. For example this make up product is based on a whipped cream.

The packaging is very cute and sweet.

so this is how it looks like!

Like I said the packaging is very adorable.

It loooks like whipped cream. I literally want to eat it! yum
I accidentally slanted this is the product is kinda messed up..
The texture feels like whipped cream. 
Feels light

The color that I got was in berry.
There are also mint for red skins and peach is for yellowy skin..

Rubbing it on my skin..

It absorbs real nice. 
It doesn't get white which I like. 
There is minimal minimal coverage...
It covers your pores
and brighten up your skin tone
SPF 25
very moisturizing 
blends in to your skin nice

I really like this base and it has SPF 25, so I can just wear this when I go out.
I think I will repurchase this and I love it!

Let me know if you want me to do more make up reviews!