Saturday, March 9, 2013

Etude House | Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

I have bought a make up product this week and I have a review for you guys. I don't wear make up a lot because I am still a high school student and in Korea we are not suppose to wear make up to school. Anyway you guys will be wondering what Etude House is by looking at the title. Etude House is a road shop in Korea. Many make up road shops are really famous and popular by young adults and teenagers, because they are cheap and high quality. Last month one of my favorite celebrity became a model for Etude House and was advertising this make up base. The theme of this collection is sweet recipe and it is based on foods. For example this make up product is based on a whipped cream.

The packaging is very cute and sweet.

so this is how it looks like!

Like I said the packaging is very adorable.

It loooks like whipped cream. I literally want to eat it! yum
I accidentally slanted this is the product is kinda messed up..
The texture feels like whipped cream. 
Feels light

The color that I got was in berry.
There are also mint for red skins and peach is for yellowy skin..

Rubbing it on my skin..

It absorbs real nice. 
It doesn't get white which I like. 
There is minimal minimal coverage...
It covers your pores
and brighten up your skin tone
SPF 25
very moisturizing 
blends in to your skin nice

I really like this base and it has SPF 25, so I can just wear this when I go out.
I think I will repurchase this and I love it!

Let me know if you want me to do more make up reviews!

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